Virtual Seminar on 

Geometry and Topology


Hyungryul Baik (KAIST), Sang-hyun Kim (KIAS)

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Meeting ID: 822 3235 0014

Passcode: 7998

Time Generally, Tuesdays or Thursdays 11 am KST

Length is typically for one-hour unless noted otherwise, although it's often extended by questions etc.

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July 1 - 5, 2024, KIAS (HCMC)

Conference Semigroups, Groupoids, C*-algebras

August 13 - 16, 2024

Workshop Dynamical Group Theory III - New methods in Group Actions on Manifolds

Webpage in construction. 

Mini-course Emmanuel Militon

Invited talks Collin Bleak, Lei Chen, Thomas Koberda, Andre Nies (Auckland), Javier de la Nuez-Gonzalez, Yash Lodha (to be confirmed)


September 25 - 28, 2024 

Workshop Dynamical Group Theory IV

Webpage in construction.

Invited talks Chris Leininger (Rice), Alan Reid (Rice), Koji Fujiwara (Kyoto)


Mar 26, 2024 (Tue) 11 am (tentative)

Minh Nhat Doan (VAST / NUS)



May 14, 2024 (Tue) 11 am (tentative)

Sam Nariman (Purdue)

June 18, 2024 (Tue) 11 am (tentative)

Alan Reid (Rice)

July 9, 2024 (Tue) 11 am (tentative)

Thomas Koberda (Virginia)

July 23, 2024 (Tue) 11 am (tentative)

Chris Leininger (Rice)

August 27, 2024 (Tue) 11 am (tentative)

Ser Peow Tan (NUS)


Harry Hyungryul Baik (KAIST)

Sam Sang-hyun Kim (KIAS)

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